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ECF Elk Rail Design - Edwards Custom Fabrication

ECF Elk Rail Design

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Our custom designs can be applied to create unique balcony and stair railings, fences and gates, door coverings and glass inserts, drop ceilings, wall decor, fire place trims and screens, signs, etc. But don’t stop there, plasma cut metal art can be stretched as far as your imagination and creativity will take it to create a unique one of a kind masterpiece. If you are looking for something truly unique, special, or creative but don't know where to go, let us help!


Our Railing Panel Inserts are custom-sized per your requirements.  We don’t stock rails as they are custom made to order.

The Material

Our panels all meet the 4" maximum opening code and are cut from 3/16 thick Grade A36 or A50 steel.  A50 has 28% more tensile strength than A36 which is most commonly used. The material is pickled and oiled steel plate.  Pickling is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities and oiling preserves it.

The Price

All panels are $185.00 per lineal foot, up to 29" in height, plus shipping and handling.   The price includes powder-coating in a color/texture of your choice. All custom design is included in the pricing above.  (Pricing is current as of 10/16, but subject to change, based on steel costs.)

Select A Design

First you choose your image or theme from our ever-growing design library. You can also customize your own design with one of our graphic designers. WE FABRICATE Then we put a 5 x 10 feet sheet metal on the CNC cutting machine and using advanced computer techniques we generate a pattern which leads a highly focused precision cuts.

We Finish

Once your design is cut we remove burrs from sharp edges then they are prepared for powder coating by dipping it in an acid bath that includes a rust inhibitor and then sand blasted. Sand blasting allows removal of any surface contaminants so that the powder coat can adhere directly to the surface of the product. Sand blasting is the best way to clean the surface since it forcibly propels a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to remove any particles that may have accumulated on the product during the cutting process. Now the Railing Panel Inserts are coated with brand name powder coat products in an array of colors to suit any décor. Powder coating allows for maximum protection against rust, cracking and fading, and is suitable for use indoors or out. Powder coating is available in many colors and different finishes, from shiny gloss through matte to raw textured surfaces. The maintenance is minimal, but if you live in a high-moisture, humid, wet area, I would definitely recommend an epoxy primer, also baked on to the steel, prior to the baked-on color coat.   That would increase the cost of each panel by $95.00. It is not mandatory, but recommended.

We Ship

Your Railing Panel Inserts are prepared for shipping by first wrapping it in cellophane to protect it from dust. Finally, they are carefully packaged in a sturdy crate and banded. Larger orders are placed on pallets and banded for shipment. Our lead-time currently is about 5-6 weeks for design, fabrication & packaging.  Shipping is rarely over $0.75 per lb., that varies with delivery options, actual address, etc.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Custom designs are available, if you would like to modify this listing or one of our other existing themes to fit your railing, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical sales staff for more information or specifications!

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