Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker
Ugly Drum Smoker

Ugly Drum Smoker

Regular price $795.00

We are a small, family run business, passionate about all things food and BBQ. 

The past few years home made drum smokers commonly called UDS (ugly drum smoker) have become real poplar with the home BBQ back yard enthusiasts.  

At its heart, the ugly drum smoker is something that anyone can put together with the right instructions. But what if you don’t have the time or inclination to build  your own smoker? Or, what if you want to swank it up a bit and have one with a few options you’re just not handy enough to add on in your own garage? If you find yourself asking these questions, then we have the solution for you.

We take pride in producing custom, hand built smokers that cook as good as they look. Far from ugly, they will be a stand out feature in your garden, or an eye catching addition to your existing smoker collection. With our Drums and accessories we provide everything you need to help you deliver quality results every time. What's more is they are super versatile. Used as a smoker just one fill of the charcoal basket will keep going for up to 20 hours, ideal for long cooks such as a delicious beef brisket, or the ultimate pulled pork. By simply raising the charcoal basket you can use as a conventional BBQ to grill. The temperature is so easy to control!

Whether you are well seasoned in all things BBQ, or a complete beginner, we can custom design something for you!

Our Standard UDS Includes the Following:

  • NEW 55-gal Carbon Steel Drum

  • Bottle opener

  • Top vent

  • 2 bottom slide vents (SS)

  • Grill Cooking Grate (Nickel Plate)

  • Lid Hook

  • Lid Handle with wood grips (SS)

  • Drum Smoker Handles with wood grips (SS)

  • Shield assembly

  • Charcoal Nest Hook

  • Charcoal Nest Assembly (Plain Steel)

  • BPS Drum Thermometer

Our Custom Features:

  • Custom Paint $250
  • Leg and Caster Set $175
  • Logo Plate $75
  • Custom Logo $200
  • Side Door $275
  • Paper Towel Holder $30
  • Side Shelf $75
  • Half Back Shelf $220


  • Buyer can pick up smoker or will deliver for $1.50 per mile one way.
  • Custom Freight Quotes: ( Best Prices Guaranteed) 
  • Credit card orders will bear 3%
  • No returns
  • Please call us for the estimated date of completion.

For All Your CNC Plasma Needs Please Contact Chuck

Cell: (225) 333-0330