CookDat TailGator - Edwards Custom Fabrication
CookDat TailGator - Edwards Custom Fabrication
CookDat TailGator - Edwards Custom Fabrication
CookDat TailGator - Edwards Custom Fabrication
CookDat TailGator - Edwards Custom Fabrication

CookDat TailGator

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A Cooking System Unlike Anything On The Market Today!

Pressure Smoker that Smokes 10 racks of ribs in one hour! Smoke 2 briskets in 3 hours! 

Introducing CookDat TailGator

Smoke Brisket in the back end of your truck with the CookDat TailGator. With it's innovative Patent Pending design, this innovative and compact  Pressure Smoker provides a new and unique way to smoke just about anything you want,  at a fraction of the time.

Your menu will be smokin’ with this unit that lets you easily smoke ribs, turkey, chicken, kielbasa, potatoes, corn and much, much more.

Slow and Low Got to Go!

Our Smoker combines the speediness of a pressure cooker with the intensity of a smoker.  

The CookDat TailGator increases the internal pressure with it's sealed door and it's high-intensity burners. The heavy door and latches ensure a proper seal. The heat from the burner then surrounds the internal cooking chamber, providing even radiant heat distribution surrounding the cooking chamber and then safely exhausts through the top of the smoker. 

With only a small amount of chips, you can impart authentic barbecue smoke flavor into food. The heat on the bottom of the cook chamber causes wood chips (not included) to release their fragrant, flavor-enhancing smoke. Because all of the hot smoke is contained inside the cook chamber until the pressure is released, the CookDat TailGator produces old fashioned, genuine smoked flavor right down to the bone!

The CookDat TailGator is the fastest pressure smoker on the bayou!

The smoker includes three 12" x 20" x 2" inch stainless steel full steam table pans that pull out for easy access. These trays hold 10!racks of ribs respectfully, that can be smoked in 1 hour. Cook 2 barbecue briskets in only three hours—several times faster than traditional methods.


The CookDat TailGator will help you take the stage of any outdoor event.

Benefits of CookDat Smoker:

  • Cooks ribs,chicken, and more—in "One Hour"!!!
  • Fully automatic—no watching, turning or basting needed
  • True old fashioned, genuine smoked flavor from just a handful of wood chips
  • Combination of moist heat and pressure produces a juicier, more tender product
  • Pressure penetrates down to the bone, not just surface area

CookDat TailGators are manufactured in Erwinville with professional quality, creative design and unique features, all which will make you become the master chef at your next barbecue event. Whether you are in the backyard, at a competition, or a catering event, with the CookDat TailGator you can look like the professional chef we all inspire to be.


  • Cooking Rack Dimensions: Three 12" x 20" x 2" inch stainless steel full steam table pans
  • Total Output: 60,000 BTU/hr in an evenly-directed manner
  • Needle control valve orifice
  • Maximum Temperature Reading: 400 degrees
  • Pressure cooker safety valve
  • Bleed valve
  • Pressure regulator gauge
  • Shipping Dimensions: 27" x 21" x 28”
  • Stand included
  • Made in USA no returns
  • Weight: ~175 lbs.

We are located in Erwinville, LA. We are also seeking dealers/retailers. We also offer discounts for multiple orders, so if you and a few friends would like to order some smokers, place your orders at once and we can make you a deal!



    • Buyer can pick up smoker or will deliver for $1.50 per mile one way.
    • Custom Freight Quotes: ( Best Prices Guaranteed) 
    • Credit card orders will bear 3%
    • No returns
    • Please call us for the estimated date of completion.

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