At ECF we specialize in designing gorgeous custom driveway gates and fences.

We feel the entrance of your property provides a very important statement since it is the first impression someone will get when approaching your home. Whether someone is entering or simply driving by, they are sure to be left with a distinguished lasting impression.

Our heavy-duty, high-quality, custom driveway gates and fences are hand-crafted by artists in our shop. With eye-catching design and attention to detail, ECF is sure to please.

Our custom driveway gates and fences come in two options CNC machine cut or plasma cut entirely by hand.

Regardless every individual project is unique in its own way. Consistently beautiful structural welds seal all potential moisture access points to avoid oxidation and ensure maximum longevity of the underlying metal.

Our goal is to consistently raise the bar of quality, durability, and creativity with every heavy-duty custom driveway gate and fence we make.

Backed by decades of experience and the eye and heart of an artist, our gates, and custom fences are one of a kind. We provide a unique service that lasts. ECF has a reputation for beauty and quality, and we'll be happy to prove it.

Choose from one of our designs or create your own. There's nothing we can't do.
When working with the ECF team you can expect:

• Our team to sit down with you to brainstorm inspirational items that you’d like us to use when creating your design.
• Our team to create sketches of what the custom metal gates and fences will look like.     Once approved, our team will the create AutoCAD renderings for one last final approval.
• Our welding artists to have the exact specifications of what needs to be created based off the AutoCAD renderings. These AutoCAD renderings help ensure your project goes smoothly and stays on schedule.

When it comes to your fence or gate project, don't do yourself or your property a disservice. You deserve the best, so call ECF today!